Saturday, February 21, 2015

Month-of-Mini-Desserts: Toasted Angelfood Cake with Banana-Chocolate Pudding

You’ve been there, too. Disparate ingredients and the urge to make dessert. Or leftovers you wanted to use up.

I had some leftover angelfood loaf cake (served originally with fresh fruits) and was pondering another way to use it up. Some bananas were on their way out, and there was some leftover chocolate pudding in the fridge.

What to do, what to do? Sort of like my "Chopped" post I stared at the ingredients for a couple of minutes (just like on the TV show!). I came up with this idea for Toasted Angelfood Cake with Banana-Chocolate Pudding. Again, there is no real recipe today, just some ideas for assembly.

You can do this putting stuff together in new ways with anything! Don’t have preconceived notions. Imagine new combinations. That’s the same advice the clothing stylists give you, right?

I began with the bananas. A regular dessert for us is crusted bananas I freeze and serve when I have
nothing else to offer. I cut the very ripe banana into sections and coat with mini-chocolate chips, ground nuts, and chia seeds. I wrap the segments tightly in foil and freeze. These are nice little, good for you frozen treats when you just want a small sweet.

I did that, but I didn’t freeze the segments. I could have, but I didn’t have time.

Next I sliced the angelfood cake into one-inch cubes. I tossed some of the cubes into a skillet with butter and cinnamon-sugar to coat each side. I quickly removed them to a baking pan.

I baked the coated angelfood cubes at 400° for 3½  minutes. I turned them over to roast for another 3 minutes.

I put the bit of leftover chocolate pudding in two serving dishes. I topped that with three banana segments and then three cake cubes. It tasted better than it looked. This won't make the cover of a food magazine.

NOTE: I also put some plain angelfood cubes into the oven to toast at the same time. You can do either way, but the cinnamon-sugar is a nice layer of flavor you don’t get with just the toasted cake.

DH’s RATING: 5 Tongues Up
DH really liked this better than I thought he would, but I am beginning to see the pattern. He likes best desserts that have layers of flavors and textures. Good to know. His only complaint was the size of the cake cubes. He wanted them smaller.


  1. Interesting! my DH got his favorite last night-- rice pudding. I also prefer layers of flavor, though a pure simple taste is nice once in a while.

  2. Don't you love the variety we can serve, Exploding Mary? I like rice pudding, but if I'm going simple, I make tapioca pudding with the eyeball ones, not the crunched tapioca. Thanks for being such a faithful blog reader!