Saturday, February 7, 2015

Month-of-Mini-Desserts: Black Forest Parfaits

Did you know that the new mini-dessert craze generated some great new cooking aids? Sure there are the mini-baking pans, but they also made some small serving dishes like these glasses I use in this recipe (and others), mini-spoons included!

Using those glasses, here’s what I do with leftover Nutella Cinnamon Brownies (if any are left). I created this mini-dessert in a state of desperation. We were having about 12 people to a sit-down dinner, and I wanted to have a panoply of dessert choices for them.

I wanted to make six different mini-desserts and was trying to balance chocolate and citrus, chewy and gooey, you know, the stuff you do for a dinner party. I was already making mini-cherry crisps, so I used some of my cherry mixture and layered it in liqueur glasses with some of the brownies. I was simulating a black forest cake that is one son’s favorite birthday cake. HUGE HIT! So here you go! And it couldn’t be easier or more elegant looking!

Black Forest Parfaits (serves 6 in liqueur or dessert glasses)  

1-1½ cup sweet and sour cherry pie filling (recipe below)
6 Nutella Cinnamon Brownies
Whipped cream or Greek yogurt for topping

Crumble one brownie. Put one third of crumbs in bottom of liqueur glass.

Spoon on a tea spoon of cherry pie filling.
Add another layer of crumbs and another layer of cherries.

Add last of brownie and top with whipped cream or yogurt before serving. Put a cherry on top! 

Repeat the process with the remaining brownies and cherries.
Eat with tiny spoons. 
Note: I use an iced teaspoon to add the cherries to the thin dessert glasses.

Cherry pie filling recipe:
Mix one can of cherry pie filling with one can sour cherries (drained). Thoroughly mix together.

DH'sRating: 5 Tongues Up
Nutella and cherries? How could I fail! Yes! Another 5 Tongues Up!


  1. this is sounds so good. I love doing the deserts in small dishes or pretty cups.

    1. I do, too, Cathy. DH likes just a taste of something sweet after dinner. He'll eat a regular size dessert, if served, but he prefers the minis.