Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Month-of-Appetizers: Bruschetta and More

One of my go-to appetizers is bruschetta. We like that it is a relatively healthful appetizer, but even more, it is one of my two-fers: cook once, eat twice.

I make more than we need and use the leftover tomato mixture to toss with hot pasta, Asiago cheese, spinach and maybe some squash. This makes a lovely vegetarian dinner or a great quick summer supper. If you don’t want to have leftover tomatoes to toss with pasta, just cut the recipe in thirds. That should do it. I wouldn’t know for sure, however, since I NEVER cut it!

For appetizer use, I make a bunch of the little boogers and serve with olive oil and dipping bread, some grapes. Voila!

Bruschetta (serves 4 with leftover tomato mixture)
9 Roma tomatoes, chopped fine                       
3 large cloves of garlic, minced                       
3 tablespoons best-quality olive oil, divided
4 tablespoons shredded Asiago cheese, divided
3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
8-1” slices of French bread, day old is best

Mix tomatoes, garlic, and 1 tablespoon olive oil together in a bowl. Cover and let sit so the flavors get acquainted while other items are prepared (at least 3 hours).

Slice French bread loaf into 1” pieces. Brush slices lightly with remaining olive oil, and sprinkle on Asiago cheese, reserving one tablespoon for later use.

Put under broiler for a couple of minutes until very lightly browned. Set aside.

Right before serving, spread one teaspoon of the tomato mixture onto 8 bread slices and sprinkle on remaining Asiago cheese.

DH’s Rating: 5 Tongues Up  DH had never had bruschetta until I wandered into his life. Now he thinks that is the mainstay of our appetizer parties.

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