Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yonanas: My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

If you’ve been reading me, you know I love, love, love kitchen gadgets. I mean, really, what’s not to love? Toys for grown-ups, or at least who look like grown-ups.

Well, you have to go buy this one. I mean it. It’s for your health. I’m thinking of writing it off on my taxes (Only kidding, Mr. IRS Man!). Even if not tax deductible, it’s worth the purchase price (which ain’t cheap, but not unaffordable).

This woman, Eileen McHale created Yonanas as an alternative to ice cream. You freeze overly ripe bananas (I know, you like to make banana bread, but how many loaves can one family eat???) rock solid hard. Freeze other fruits, too. The first one I made was Strawberry-Blueberry Yonanas. I shoved one frozen banana down its little throat, added a cup of frozen mixed strawberries and blueberries, another banana and presto! there’s this soft serve mix in my bowl. I stirred the concoction to thoroughly blend the fruits and then served a guest and me.

Did it taste like bananas, you ask? Nope. It tasted like soft serve, creamy, strawberry-blueberry ice cream. Honest! And clean-up was easier than my blender!

Last night, I served DH a concoction that WAS NOT low cal, but he loved it. I used three frozen bananas, 2 tablespoons of Nutella, 2 tablespoons of mini chocolate chips, 2 tablespoons of caramel ice cream topping, and 2 tablespoons of pecans.

I shoved the bananas down the little guy’s throat and it poured into a bowl containing the Nutella and chocolate chips. I blended it thoroughly, divided it into two ramekins, topped them with caramel and pecans, and watched DH lick his bowl. Really! Even with my added stuff, it still came in with a count lower than if I had used vanilla ice cream or even frozen yogurt.

I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Do buy this or put it on your list for some gift-buying occasion. Lil’ Bro is getting one for a wedding present. Safe to reveal here since he never reads my blogs.

Here’s a link to see what it’s like, then buy it! Seriously!



  1. Interesting, this is the first I've heard about this device. And you don't even need to add yogurt or honey, huh?

  2. It is AMAZING. Recommended by a health-conscious friend, I didn't believe it could actually be that good, but it is. If you let the frozen fruit sit a few minutes before processing, the texture is precisely like ice cream with no fat, no added sugar at all. Pure fruit! Unless you doll it up like I did for my husband, a few times, with caramel and chocolate chips, etc.;-)