Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Month of Soups: BLT Soup Extraordinaire

I was never very good at math. Words are more my thing, but I have an equation for you to solve. When is a BLT >BLT?

How about this one? BLT - L + (S + C + A) = x + CT

“Huh?” I can hear you saying? What the . . .? Bring on the soup recipe, will ya?”

Who doesn't love a great BLT? So what could improve it? Probably nothing, but BLT Soup is a good alternative.

BLT Soup (serves 4)

1# bacon, crispy (I do mine in the oven--less mess)

1 small bag spinach

2 cans diced tomatoes, with seasonings

2 c V-8 juice

2 avocados

4 pieces of whole wheat toast

c melting cheese, divided

Cook bacon. Crumble. Toast bread. Spread toast thickly with cheese and place under broiler until melted. Cut into toast points.

In a medium pan, heat tomatoes and V-8 juice until bubbling. While heating, slice avocados. Turn off heat. Add spinach to bubbling tomato mixture. Stir a few times to coat all spinach with tomato mixture and reduce the amount volume of spinach. Pour into bowls. Sprinkle with bacon, remaining cheese, and avocado slices. Serve with toast points.

How easy is that?

DH’S Rating: 4 Tongues Up. He didn’t think he’d like it, being kind of a traditionalist, but it had all the BLT elements (other than the spinach substitution) so he liked it more than he wanted to!

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