Wednesday, January 12, 2011

National Vinegar Day--NOT!

Can you believe it? I just found this out, or believe me, I would have reported it to you sooner. I just discovered there is no National Vinegar Month. Or National Vinegar Week. Or even National Vinegar Day. I mean c’mon! Marzipan gets a day? Chocolate-Covered Cherries gets a day? Frozen Food gets a month? And who decided that Bubblegum gets a week???

What are these people thinking, these people who create food holidays for EVERYTHING and they leave out vinegar??? Tell me whose drinking glasses marzipan has saved from being tossed? Vinegar saved mine. When did peanuts bubblegum remove decals from things? Vinegar has eliminated those pesky things from glass and plastic.

Describe how delicious salad dressing made with chocolate covered cherries is. Eww. I almost couldn’t finish typing that sentence! Now vinegar! Delicious, delectable, describable salad dressings! Yeah. Mouthwatering, matchless marinades. Yeah.

If you’d like to have a list of ways to use vinegar in cleaning, laundry, health, garden, automotive, pets, or cooking, you will find this site “1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar” helpful

To right the wrong, I am declaring Saturday, January 15th to be National Vinegar Day. This will give you time to inventory your current stock of vinegars and decide which vinegars you still need.

Shockingly, a recent highly subjective informal survey revealed that 91.3% of American households have only apple cider and white distilled vinegars in their pantry. Where is the balsamic? The rice wine vinegar? Woe is me!

For now, until I can rectify the injustice, do me a favor. Two favors. Inventory your vinegar stash. Buy some new kind of vinegar you haven’t tried before. And (oh, yeah, a third favor), go clean something with white vinegar.

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