Monday, December 27, 2010

The Coffee Wars

I like—make that need—my first cup of morning coffee to be strong enough to strip paint off the house. DH prefers his medium—“Why bother?” I ask him. We both like full-caf for the 1st cup. For our second cup, I prefer flavored coffees. He hates them. He needs his second cup to be decaf. Again I ask, “Why bother?”

So, do you make 4 pots and toss out most of it? No, you buy a gadget. I love gadgets. They make the kitchen life more interesting. DH professes to hate gadgets. This one is so cool looking, however, that our Keurig had a head start with him. It has a blue glowing light coming out of the water reservoir that looks delightfully Star Trekky.

Our Keurig coffee maker could go into business as a professional marriage counselor. Seriously, this could give us another few years together.

I am always up first. I make my single cup of strong black coffee (has five choices for size of coffee from strongest to weakest). I just pop a little K-cup filled with real coffee into the Keurig. It brews in its little cup with filter. When done, I pluck it out of the space and toss it in the trash.

I make my second cup of black coffee—hmm, maybe Candy Cane or Crème Brulee, perhaps Pumpkin Spice. DH gets up a few hours later and makes his cup of medium coffee with creamer. An hour later he makes his cup of decaf with creamer. No waste. No muss or fuss. Just coffee (and not instant) at 192° F.

Do you see how this works? Everybody is happy. Even DH agrees this was a good purchase. The only concern we have is environmental. So we are using less water because we don’t discard any coffee, BUT, those little K-cups are not yet recyclable. They’re working on it. In the meantime, there is a gadget which you can fill with your own coffee and make the single cups that way, so you could have containers of different coffees and dump the plastic issue. But you would have to wash that. Hmm. Work.

In the meantime, I am sipping my Spicy Mayan Chocolate Coffee and thinking of you. Put it on your list for some gift-getting occasion. Mmmmm! Delish!

Christmas Update: Check out my new desk and red chair at my picture. I’ll leave it for a few days, then remove it. I expect to be very productive here.


  1. It also has a small footprint on the kitchen counter. More room for other gadgets.

  2. Want some hot chocolate or tea? I can do that, too!