Monday, November 18, 2013

February: The Month-of-??? Recipes

It’s that time of year again. I blog daily in February with a recipe-a-day that fit a category. Two years ago, I blogged soup recipes daily. Last year I blogged chicken recipes. So what’s this February going to be?

As in the past, I let you, Dear Readers, decide that.

The three options for you are:

Eggs you say? Yes, eggs. Did you know the traditional chef’s toque has 100 pleats because it was said a real chef could prepare eggs 100 ways. Shoot, I only need to do 28 if you pick this one.

Mini-Desserts in shot glasses (though no longer confined there) began with Seasons 52, a wonderful chain restaurant that serves un-chain-like food. Seriously, look for one near you. I don’t often recommend restaurants. This one I do. But back to the desserts: There is something about a one or two-bite bit of sweetness after a meal that is satisfying on many levels--one of which is lowered calorie count.

Appetizers are such fun. I love appetizers parties where happy hour turns into dinner because of the heft and variety of appetizers served. In fact (she says with no modesty at all), my appetizer parties have brought me a small amount of acclaim.

Thems the three. Which do you want and/or need?

But why vote now? February seems so far away. Did you read my OCD post earlier? Well, in case you didn’t notice, there are a few holiday thingies coming up that will gobble up time, and it takes time to figure out what I am going to fix every day for 28 days straight. Oh, and did I mention the OCD post? So give me time to process this selection. Comments here, on FaceBook, and on Twitter will be combined to declare the winning category.

So comment below. Which category would you like to have 28 recipes for? Eggs, mini-desserts, or appetizers? The deadline for voting is December 1. Vote now and get your friends to vote, too.

I’m waiting with bated breath for the results. Really.


  1. Love them all! But I'd choose appetizers. Always on the lookout for something new. :-)

    1. I will record your preference, Martha. Thanks for helping pick my poison!

  2. Hi Sharon - I love eggs and we are getting a little stuck in the rut and could use some inspiration.

  3. Thanks for weighing in, Sally. I will record your preference on my data sheet. If I don't do a month of eggs, I could at least do a week sometime. That would help, right? Or maybe I'll make a page of egg recipe links for the blog. Or both!

  4. Mini-Desserts! They are fun to make and serve. We are always looking for inventive recipes to serve at afternoon Tea.

  5. I love mini-desserts on sooo many levels, but, oh, well. Not picked this year. Maybe next time. Thanks for stopping by.