Thursday, July 18, 2013

MJ and Me

DH says he hopes the NSA never does an analysis of my computer searches. Undetectable poisons. Airport security breaches. How to fool a lie detector test. And more recently, marijuana types and how to grow and cook with them.

I tell him to stay alive, and it shouldn’t be an issue. Seriously, do I really believe the government is watching us all the time? (Uh, given recent revelations, maybe so.)

Still, I have an alibi, right? I can show them manuscript pages and book contracts and blog posts. I’m safe. I think. For now.

Who has time to worry about that stuff anyway? I don’t write thrillers (yet); I write cozy culinary mysteries. Book three in my series is re-titled (Thank you Author Carolyn Hughey) Pot Luck.

Here’s the premise as of now:
AZ and other states have medical marijuana laws so Alli and Gina whip up some ganja/MJ/pot recipes, much to Gina’s despair. They have a client who needs to ingest rather than inhale her marijuana prescription, and they come up with recipes for her. Alli sees making mixes to sell as a way to supplement their income because they are still struggling personal chefs.

Alll re-establishes a friendship with a local medical marijuana provider, a friend from HS days (Mostel from book two) and his grower. When the grower ends up dead of a heroine overdose, Alli doesn’t believe it and seeks to solve the mystery. She is sure someone killed Seth instead of it being an accidental drug death, but is it the HS friend, a local druggie known for petty thefts, a rival provider, a doctor known for generous prescribing, or the political crook who has a lot to lose if his addiction is made public?

In this book readers learn why Alli is reluctant to make a commitment to Evan. She doesn’t want him to know a secret she has carried for years. Also, Alli’s brother is released from prison after helping the police in Prime Rib and Punishment. She finally realizes Cal is unredeemable, and that he lied about knowing where her family is.

Alli is on the search for tasty mix recipes that she can add MJ to. Of course she’ll do brownies. Any other suggestions for her?

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