Thursday, January 31, 2013

Introducing: A Month-of-Chicken Recipes

Prepare yourself for a Month-of-Chicken!

I know! How exciting is this? Tomorrow begins 28 days of posts of recipes for the Food-of-the-Month you voted for last November. Everyday I will blog about a new recipe with DH’s tongues-up rating system. Did he really, really, really like it (five tongues up) or was it inedible (0 or 1 tongue up)?

So what won? The choices were (in alpha order): chicken, ground meat, mini-desserts, and potatoes. Hands down winner was chicken. And the big problem for me wasn’t coming up with 28 recipes for you, it was coming up with only 28 recipes for you!

So stay tuned, check in every day, and let me know which recipes you liked best. I have another tester with me this month. Big Mama is staying with us for five weeks (but who’s counting) to get out of the Iowa snow, ice, and cold. She’ll lend her tongue to the ratings on occasion so you have another indicator if this is a recipe you want to try.

Alli and Gina (from my culinary mystery series) will be contributing some of the recipes. One recipe comes via my son and his girlfriend. Most I have made up or modified from something. I can’t follow a recipe without making changes. I’ve admitted that here before.

And “measure” is a four-letter word for me, but I will try really, really hard to pay attention as I cook to get something close to the measurements I used. There will be variety, so while most are entrees, there will be some salad and appetizer recipes as well.

I kind of see this like the Iron Chef parties. You and your friends can’t wait to see the day’s delectation. You rush to the store for ingredients, and all of you create the chicken-of-the day recipe. Or not!

See you tomorrow for the first recipe of 28!

(Chicken) Bone appetite! (I know the real spelling--just messing with you!)

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