Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twick or Tweet!

I love to tweet recipes. I think it’s a hoot! Inspired by Maureen Evans’ book of tweeted recipes (Eat Tweet: 1020 Recipe Gems from the Twitter Community’s (at)cookbook). Incredibly ingenious. I wrote about this before. I’ve always liked cryptography (I’ve decided I’m probably reincarnated) and word puzzles, so it’s no surprise I loved her book.  

In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to transform some recipes I found into Twitterverse language. Now, keep in mind: ingredients for a recipe cannot be copyrighted, only directions, so these recipes do not violate copyright. However, I am sharing below the sites where I found the recipes so you can follow the real thing.

Wicked-Easy Snack: Combine ½ c each pretzels, candy corn, corn chips, and peanuts. Mix and serve.

Handy Pretzels: Dip 1 end of lg pretzel stick in melted candy coating. Top w/ sliced almond 4 fingernail. Place upright n jar covered w/ shirt sleeve cuff.

The Last Witch: + shot glass of pom jus 2 shaker w/ ice. + 2 shts vodka, splsh Curacao & lemon jus. Shake. Pour n2 glass w/ lem/berries garnish

Popcorn Balls:Pam bwl+9c popcrn N medpan+1c gransug/.3c lt crnsyrp/1t whtvingr/1t salt Mix to 260º +4T btr/.5t van Stir Pour on crn Do balls

Caramel Apples: Melt 28 oz caramels + .25c h2o 1min n micwv or lngr. Put 8 stks in dry tart apples. Dip in caramel to coat.

White Slime:Brng 2 simmr 1c whp crm+.25c btr Tk off ht +22oz wht bk candy Str +7oz mrshmlw crm Kp wrm in fondue pot Srv w/ cake & fruit

Have a party. Here are the beginnings! And easy, too!


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