Thursday, January 19, 2012

SPAM (No, not THAT one; the OTHER one)

What a busy year 2011 was. So that’s my excuse, okay? But, I’m back now, and I have all sorts of things planned for this blog. For example? How about some cooking videos of Gina and Alli (from my “Dinner is Served” culinary mystery series) making some delicious, easy stuff you can throw together, too? How about some contests? How about terrific new recipes, cooking gadget reviews, and cooking tips? All that and more!

But, now to reminisce. Last July was the family reunion/67th wedding anniversary party for Big Mama and Daddy-Do. What an event! Relatives gathered from near and far at the home of Lil Sis and Cutie (her version of DH). In memory of Lil Bro’s wife who had died that spring unexpectedly, Lil Sis planned a Spam-Off cooking contest. There’s a long story associated with the Spam connection, but that’s for another time, if ever.

Well, I was appalled, gourmet that I am (well, a wannabe, anyway). But, in the interest of family harmony, I agreed to participate. HOWEVER, I informed Lil Sis, I would not buy the Spam, only cook with it. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. So along with the fresh ingredients she was going to purchase, she added in my Spam.

The rules were each of us three siblings were to choose one other member of our family to be sous chef, so three teams would share the kitchen. I chose Chicago, since he is the only other one in my family who likes to cook. The trash talk we tossed around that kitchen could have filled up the garbage can!

Lil Bro asked Chicago and me how many times we had practiced our entry. “Uh. Practiced?” I responded. “Do you seriously think I would cook Spam at my house? No practice. This is it! Sounds like you needed to practice, though, huh?” And so on.

The judges were the father of my sister’s daughter’s husband, Big Mama, and 90 year-old Daddy-Do who kept forgetting what he had just eaten despite the score sheet provided. The winner?

What a surprise! Lil Sis and Cutie made Spam egg rolls knowing how much our parents love to eat them. Is that fair? Chicago and I came in second with “Curried Spam Bites” we grilled. If you can’t wait to try them, c’mon back. The recipe and more on Spam is in my next blog.

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