Friday, February 4, 2011

Tweat Tweets

I have been having the best time tweeting recipes @good2tweat, one of my two Twitter accounts. (The other, just in case you’re interested, is @RomanceRighter.) My “tweats” are a fabulous word puzzle for a word freak like me. I have taken to trying to convert everything I cook. Impossible, you say? Well, you’re right. But the fun is in the trying! 140 characters and that includes spaces and punctuation.

I was inspired in this new endeavor by Maureen Evans, author of Eat Tweet, the first to ever tweet recipes. I’m going to shut up now, and what follows are some of the “tweats” I have finished. More show up at Twitter, and some others will no doubt show up here later.

Hpy ckng!

Caramelized Veggies: Toss carrots, tomatoes, onions, parsnips, celery, and potatoes c EVO. Roast at 500° for ~35 min or until brown.

Gelato 2cmlk/1c cr+4egylk/.5csug Beat egz/sug 2 froth Wrm mlk/cr 2 foamy Slo por egz n2 mlk Ck 2 thck Sieve Chil ovnit N2 icecr mach Srv~4

[Re gelato recipe here: add in mint flavor + choc chips, ribbons of caramel, pecans, or other favorites to flavor it up for yourself.]

Savory Butter Plse n mini fd proc .5cbtr/3T bell pep/1grn onion/1clv garlic. Srv 1T on cookd meat. Sprd bread or Portbell shrooms n grill

BldMry 1.5oz vodka/.5c tom jus/2t lmn jus/Wrcstershr+Tabsc 2 taste. Mix c 1c ice+s+p. Shake & strain n2 glass of ice + celery stlk+lmn wedg

Black Bottom Cupcakes-pt 1 Mix 1.5c flr/1c sug/.3c cocoa/1t bs/.5t salt/.3c oil/1T vinegar/1T van. Beat. Put n muf pan ~18 1/3 full batter

BlackBottomCupcakes-pt 2 Mix 1c cr ch/1 egg/.3c sug/1/8t salt+1c choc chps. Top batter c 1 heaping t cr ch mix. Bake 350° 30m +/-

Lftovr prime rib, mash taters, grvy, peas/carrots? Shepherd'sPie! Layer meat, grvy, vegs. Cvr c mash pot & bake til bubbly and brown top.

Yorkshire Pudding 2cflr/2cmilk/4egz/2t salt+2T bf fat. Heat fat 2 bbl @400°. Blendr flr/milk/egz/salt. Por n2 pan. Bk til puft n gldn ~30 m.

CreamPuff Shell: Boil 2c H2O/1cbttr. Str n 2c flr. Cool. When cold+6egz 1 at a time. Beat 5 m ea. Tspfl on grsd pn aprt. Bk 425°~15m

CreamPuff Fill: 3T flr/1T cold milk Mix 2 smooth+1c cld mlk. +1 btn eg/1c sug+1t van Boil til thick Cool Slit puff, fill c 1t Sprnk pwdsug

Bruschetta Spaghetti 8 Roma tom/3 minst grlc clv/1 sliced grlc clv/2T evoo/3T chopt basil Mix. + 2T Asiago. Toss c 1# al dente whl wht pasta

Quik Marinara 2cns diced tom c garlic n basil/sm can tompaste/.5 onyn/4clv garl mnced/2clv garl slced/1c rd wine. Sim 2hrs. + 5T frsh basil

Leftover spaghetti? Saute 3 chopt grn onions/2 minced garl clv/2 sliced garlic cloves in 3T evoo. Fry til gar/onyns soft. Toss c hot pasta

Now you try it! Choose a fam fave dish and “tweat” it in comments.

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